Coronavirus Information

During this difficult time the health and safety of you our clients and inspector is important.  We have taken important measures to ensure this.

Your confidence is our top priority

 The Billings Inspection Covid-19 Protocol

Billings inspections has adopted a protocol to help fight against the spread of Covid-19. This protocol will assist to ensure the health and safety of you the inspector and our clients.  The protocol must be followed there are no exceptions. The health and safety of you and clients is our top priority.

  • Temperature must be taken before leaving the office.
  • Practice social distancing – this means ensuring a minimum of 6 feet of distance between clients, agents, and homeowners.
  • Request attendees to stay in their vehicle or remain outside of the home.
  • PPE must be worn when a home is occupied (Mask, Gloves). Gloves to be worn on all interior portions of inspections (including vacant homes). Booties should always be worn.
  • Hands must be washed and/or sanitized before and after inspection (washing preferred), if gloves are changed during an inspection hands should be washed or sanitized.
  • Equipment must be clean and disinfected after every inspection.
  • Inspection vehicle should be disinfected end of day (contact surfaces cleaned with Clorox spray or disinfectant wipes).

Our Inspectors have taken and passed a Covid-19 safety guideline course.

Our inspectors have the proper personal protection equipment to complete your inspection.

Our inspection vehicles are equip with disinfectant wipes and spray, gloves, booties, hand sanitizers, and soap.

We are also offer a ZOOM call after the inspection.  The inspector will go an overview of the inspection findings the same as if you were present at the inspection. The ZOOM can gives you the ability to see the report as the inspector explains the finding.