Why Hire Billings Home Inspections

One Stop Shop

A Home Inspection provides a lot of information about a home, but there is a limited scope. For a client who wants to know more, Billings Inspections offers a one stop shop for all of your inspection needs or additional testing. To ensure optimal efficiency, we make every effort to schedule all services at the time of the home inspection. Our reports are available same day as the inspection, sometimes within an hour of inspection completion. WDO reports are next day, Environmental testing reports vary by test and are usually 24 to 72 hour after the appointment.

Buyer Protection Plan

Buying a home can have its challenges. There are all kinds of crazy things that make a deal fall apart, and many of them are not the buyers fault! If the first house we inspect does not close for any reason, BHI clients get $75 off their next inspection.

1. Home must be owner occupied.
2. 2nd inspection must occur within 60 days of the first.
3rd inspection (hoping there is not a 3rd) at regular price.

Concierge Service

Billings Home Inspections offers a concierge service. It is included with every Complete Home Inspection; it is delivered by the Porch Home Assistant. With the assistant you have the resources you need to move, set up, settle in, repair, improve, or maintain your new home. BHI clients receive a lifetime membership (worth$350 per year) and $100 worth of handyman discount coupons.

48 Hour Guarantee

We will guarantee that we will have a complete home inspection appointment for you with a licensed competent, professional inspector within 48 hours of your call to the office. If we don’t, you will get $75 off the inspection fee for the next available appointment.

1. Excludes request for a specific inspector.
2. Excludes requests for inspectors with advance licensing or credentials.
3. Excludes weekends and holiday appointments.

Infrared Certified Logo

Billings Home Inspections inspectors are Infrared certified and equipped with state of the art infrared cameras. Our standard inspection includes a scan of the home, suspicious areas and stains, electrical panels, and under sinks and valves.

200% Satisfaction Guarantee

Billings Home Inspections is committed to the most thorough inspection provided in South Florida by professional, customer focused inspectors. If our service on the house you are buying does not live up to your expectations and you do not feel that you received the most thorough and comprehensive inspection available, we will refund your inspection fee. In addition, we will pay the fee of another inspector of your choice to inspect the same house again so you may have complete confidence as you proceed with your purchase.

1. Client must object within 36 hours of the original inspection.
2. Client must be present for the entire inspection.
3. Client must provide their specific concerns and reason for the dissatisfaction in writing. BHI will respond promptly and coordinate a resolution.
4. Refund offer only applies to the fee for home inspection service.
5. Reimbursement for the second inspection shall not exceed the original BHI home inspection fee.